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Blog from 28. July 2017


Heartbreak Century

Finally, after a couple of years of songwriting and studio work, we’re ready to release our new album this autumn.
The baby is called “Heartbreak Century.” It has a couple of beautiful flaws and mistakes and we all love it just
the way it is.

I honestly thought we had seen it all. I was sure nothing would amaze, excite or shock us anymore, but how wrong
was I… Again, you could make a movie about this journey. Lonely walks with a guitar on the other side of the planet.
Feeling out of ideas but knowing this all would make sense someday. Long studio sessions where you thought if we’d
do one more take, someone in the room will pass out. But you keep going and someone hits the red button. Jokes
(The famous Finnish humor) that kept the spirit up when someone played the same stupid mistake for the 8th time
and everyone just laughed on the floor. It was worth every second and we’re kind of missing the road behind already.

But there’s a new road ahead.

The first Single “I Help You Hate Me” will be out in August. I hate describing music, so I let you guys and girls feel
the new vibe the way you feel it. I’m sure someone will like it, some might not. We love it. It’s simply the first single
because it made us all go crazy from the very first moment the song existed and everyone in studio said from day
one, it just must be the opener for this beautiful package. So be it.

The album’s time is in October. If you only knew the stories behind the songs... Life and its turns you don’t always
understand, is amazing songwriting fuel. Wouldn’t do one single thing different.

And then we’ll climb into our tour bus again. Since this is kind of a new start for Sunrise Avenue and we start from
zero, we decided to go back to where we started one beautiful day. We will play the small clubs that we have been
missing so bad during all these fantastic arena times. Our club tour will go to many European countries and cities
and we can’t just wait to stand on many of the stages from our very first tour we ever made. It’ll be sweat, rock ‘n’
roll and joy.

In this crazy life of ups and downs, I have never been this proud and sure about anything before. Can’t wait to
share this little piece of heart, soul and sweat with you all.

This is it. Heartbreak Century.


Blog from 05. October 2017

Heartbreak Century

This is it. The next baby is finally ready to fly out and to meet you all. These months keeping the songs only on our
phones and laptops have been pretty painful. There were a hundred nights I felt like leaking it all out just so you all
could hear them too.

To me, Heartbreak Century is the best Sunrise Avenue album ever. I more than love all the other albums too and
everything we got to experience with them, don’t get me wrong, but this time what you hear is more honest and
even deeper from the soul than ever before. Writing these songs was the strangest time in my life – exciting,
beautiful, lonely and sometimes heartbreaking. Without having the chance to write these songs and to record
them afterwards, I would probably not be here in one piece.

When we got the stone rolling last summer, the studio work was easier and faster than ever before. It just felt right
from the very first beat. There is nothing new anyone invented or nobody even wanted to be cool or genius with
sounds or something. It’s just what Sunrise Avenue has always been about. It used to say “Honest Music” under
our logo. This album is not trying to be anything. With all it’s beautiful mistakes and scars.

Now it’s time to let you listen to what we’ve been up to. And then we hit the road with the guys next week. We will
start our tour at the legendary Tavastia club in Helsinki and then the busses will take us to 14 countries this year.
More will follow in the spring. There are elephant-size butterflies in our stomachs but we love the way they tickle.

We’re not a movie with written lines. But it feels like sitting in a movie theatre when looking back at the last couple
years. So many cool new people and so many amazing places. Many great moments are now memories we
treasure in our hearts. And the next movie is ready to be filmed. And we wanna film it with you.
The script looks very promising.

So volume up. This is it. This is Heartbreak Century.



Blog from 19. Oktober 2017


On The RD Again

I haven’t written that many blogs the last years, but it feels quite familiar somehow having the Finnair logo in front
of me when writing this. I used to write a blog almost on every second flight in the past.
Last week was quite a week. We started the tour in Finland (Helsinki & Tampere & Turku) and damn it was fun!
It’s amazing how well you all had checked the new songs and lyrics even though the tour started so soon after
the album release. And we haven’t done this kind of an album release tour where we present mostly the new
stuff for a long long time. I must say some of the new tunes generated as much noise and singing as some
of the old crown jewels, that’s quite awesome. No matter how well you plan everything and rehearse
everything, it’s finally on stage in front of you when we know if the new songs work or not.
And cheeses it worked great!
We were actually all supposed to stay in Turku for the night after the 3rd show, but after a short “show meeting”
in Sami’s room, everyone wanted to go home instead of another hotel night. There will be plenty anyways. So I
took the guys in my car and drove 120 KM in the night. The Boys drinking beer and myself behind the wheel.
Thank you Turku Police Station for being nice and making sure I had no alcohol in my blood before we hit
the highway. I had a beer on stage. Should never drink and drive. If you’re not sure, the car stays in the
garage. That driving on the dark highway kind of reminded me of what it’s gonna be on tour. My favorite
thing to do in the night is to sit next to the bus driver and just silently watch the darkness and passing
road signs. It’s somehow romantic.
It’s huge how well the “Heartbreak Century” release has gone. The album is topping the charts and in some
countries we’re even number one! We definitely didn’t expect this much. The music world has changed a
lot the last couple of years towards single song releases and we didn’t know if albums would still b
interesting enough for consumers. But we don’t care if you buy the album, stream it, listen to it at
your friend’s place or if you make an illegal copy. What matters to us is that you listen to wha
we’ve done. And then you sing at the shows ;)
The last months have been pretty hectic, especially to me, with all the interviews, finishing different album
versions and stuff but also the tour start was something that kept us super busy the last weeks. Now after
the first shows, it’s time to lick our wounds for this week and just chill. Next week we’ll be back on stage
in Sweden and Denmark. Sweden is the first country outside Finland where we received platinum
awards in the beginning and it’s a shame how little we have visited our dear neighbor since.
And Copenhagen is the smallest club on this tour and I just can’t wait!
So, I’ll close my eyes now until we hit the runway. Thank you guys & girls for the fantastic first three nights.
Can’t see you again next week!
PS. I just received a message from my voice colleagues in our group chat (that usually contains only very
bad below-the-belt-kindergarten-level-humor) that the TVOG starts today. I had no clue and actually
I had to check what day it is… Check it out. To me it’s the craziest and most fun season ever.
So proud to be part of it again <3

Blog from 29. October 2017


Copenhagen & Stockholm

As Heartbreak Century album started slowly getting together last year, I had the idea of playing smaller
clubs instead of the arenas this time. It felt like a refreshing idea and I thought it might make the touring
world fresh for us again after all the mega stages. And then we could also visit more countries. We could
not sell out an arena in Copenhagen, for example. We never really had an old school “album release tour”
where you play all the new album’s songs. And the cool thing about the smaller clubs is also that you
don’t need to think about lasers, explosives, screens and stuff. There’s no timecode ticking in your
ear and telling you where to stand when. You do what you do.
After they suggested the Beta club in Copenhagen (max 150 people), I told them to book something a bit
bigger. But someone at the local office wanted to play it safe especially after us being away from the show
business for some time. The tickets to the Copenhagen were sold out in less than a minute and then for
some months they tried to find something bigger for us. Nothing was available and so we climbed on the
smallest stage in ten years last Friday night. We didn’t know what to expect.
I must say as we looked at the stage through the curtains before the show, it looked strange. There were
no crash barriers (the little gap between the crowd and stage) and looked as if we’d never fit there.
I also had a bad experience in the past being to close to the crowd as someone hit my microphone
stand during the show. My microphone destroyed my both front teeth (in Rovaniemi, Finlnd 2007)
and they still need to be fixed every couple of years. That’s nothing you want to re-experience.
But damn how much fun it was! The Copenhagen show was the fifth show on this tour and we all felt like
finally now the songs are starting to work 110%. Was so amazing being so close to everyone, even
though our crew boys Tomppa and MP had to curl in like snakes bringing guitars and stuff on stage.
After the show, we went to Freetown Christiania with the boys for some beers and again
I remembered how damn great city Copenhagen is.
Stockholm was also amazing and super cool the night before. We played “Klubben” exactly ten years ago
as the first show on our very first European tour in 2007 and it was quite emotional dragging our bags
to that backstage again. In Stockholm we also had a lot of industry people and music maker friends
with us in the crowd. They had a massive role putting the new album together and it was double
emotional playing the babies in front of them finally. Felt like a home town show.
What I really like about these shows, is that we can see your faces much better than in the past.
You’re all closer. I sometimes try to avoid looking at anyone straight in the eyes on the touchy
songs. If you cry and I see it, it might be hard not to join. In Copenhagen there was someone
in the crowd crying tears during “let me go” and it felt like I had a potato in my throat.
But it was a beautiful moment.
Now we’ll have a little break and we’ll be back on stage in Berlin after next week. And then we’ll start
the journey with the busses. The real tour life. Can’t wait to see you all again soon!

Blog from 05. November 2017


Then we take Berlin

Another flight. It’s funny how they still announce, “Dear passengers, this is a non-smoking flight to…”
as if someone would still be wondering if smoking is ok on flights in the civilized world. We’re flying
to Berlin from Cologne where we did some TV shows and celebrated Riku’s birthday. But we were
good boys and didn’t party too hard. We need to be fit tomorrow on stage as the tour continues.
Cologne means a lot to us. It was in Cologne where we played our very first show outside Finland in the
very beginning at a club called “Underground” and I heard that they are tearing it down for some major
construction project. I hope the club finds a new spot. When we played the second show at the
Underground on our first real tour, I was ill. Super ill. I will never ever forget this scary doctor who
was ready to give me cortisone injections straight on my throat (!) before the show if my voice
wouldn’t start working. Well, my voice was still quite bad before the show but I didn’t dare
taking the shot. He looked like from a horror movie with his injection things.
This time Cologne was fun and super smooth.
Tomorrow we continue the tour in Berlin. At the show, there will be a lot of friends and music & TV industry
people, so it’s gonna feel like another home town show. Our keyboard gangster Osmo is also flying in.
We have done all the promotion and stuff without him since he’s really not a full band member on the
album booklets etc, but of course from tomorrow on we’re five band members on stage again. It’s
actually a bit strange. How do you become a real band member anyways? Are you always some
kind of an outsider until your face is on the booklet? What if there are no faces on the booklet but
some image or other art work instead. I never actually got this. But we can still treat Osmo as an
outsider in the bus or backstage. “Hey outsider, make our beds and get us beer, muahahaha”
It’s a little strange having these gaps or breaks in between the shows. Back in the days when the tours
started, they went on until we were all partying at the last show’s after party. Now between Copenhagen
and Berlin there were again nine days something else. One could lose the touch and routine. I felt it in
Stockholm as then we also had a break for a week before and it was hard remembering how many
times extra choruses happen etc. But we’re good at keeping a poker face. I guess nobody realized
anything. Besides the few of you in the first rows who looked at us like grandmothers look at their
grandchildren as they fall on their faces in the sand box. “Ok, nothing bad happened,
get back up you little thing!” 
So tomorrow we will have a long chat with the guys again how everything shall function on stage.
The worst thing right now is that none of us can listen to our new album at all. There are so many
changes and extra little things on the live versions and listening to the album would only make a
mess in our heads. We do have the live recordings from each night though and we listen to them
if we start missing the tunes too much.
Looks quite beautiful through the plane window. Autumn is fully here and the leaves are turning brown.
It’s also getting colder and the only downside about touring in the autumn is that you really need to
focus on staying healthy. I love all four seasons sure, but why can’t it always be summer ;)
On every tour so far, someone caught the flu. And as we’re so close to each other, especially
now with minimal back stages, if one gets the cold, soon everyone has it. Of course you don’t
wanna stress your ass off with it, just be smart. We never had to cancel a show due to
someone being ill. Knock on wood.
So sleep well people and see you tomorrow,

Blog from 14. November 2017


Half way

I see all the cities like a TV show. They all look the same through a dirty window.

I can’t believe we’re half way already. As we started the shows a month ago in Helsinki, it seemed as
if it’s gonna go on forever. But don’t they say the most fun moments in life seem to pass you by quickly.
I know I say this every time, but this tour has been the best tour ever. I don’t even want to think about
it ending someday. I’d already start missing it. Luckily there’s a new show day tomorrow in Munich.
And then in Milan. And then much more.
I’m sitting alone in the front lounge of my bus watching the highway signs pass by somewhere between
Cologne and Munich. I’m feeling amazed once again. Like every night. I don’t know what it is with these new songs and shows, but there’s so much emotion in the room every night that I could just cry and scream YEEEEE the same time at the end of every show. We always walk straight into a van after the show with the guys to get to our hotel or somewhere. In the beginning of the tour there were always some talks in the van about what we could do better or what we should change in the songs, but the last couple of shows it’s just been quiet. Someone says “wow” and the rest of us agree. No words.
Feels like something has clicked in a very good way with us on stage. It has never felt this free and good before. I think it’s something about the new songs. They are very natural to play and feels like none of us has to try to be or to prove anything. We’re just there enjoying with you. No tricks but tons of emotion. And I must also say I have never felt crowds like this before. It’s still super fun and full of laughter but also super emotional and it’s as if we could all escape from this world for 75 minutes every night. To a very good place with you. We can’t express how much we appreciate what you do and how you are every night. 

Almost every morning we wake up in a new city and it’s funny how we sometimes don’t even remember the country we’re in. The days go by pretty easy. We’re all just trying to recharge our batteries. Some do sports, some just watch Netflix in their rooms. And it’s strange how we sometimes actually feel very tired right before the show. But then the lights go off and we hear and feel you all in the room. Adrenaline hits our systems and we’re alive again. 

I’m traveling with my own bus this time. After everything that went down in life the last year with writing a million songs, producing and promoting the record and also doing my TV things and other stuff in life, I felt like I needed my space. It feels kind of lonely having just me and my driver Costa in the bus, but I also love the feeling of not having to talk to anyone. I’ve always been a lonely wolf somehow and especially with the circus going on every day, these quiet moments feel very precious. The band guys have their own little home on wheels and they’re driving right in front of me right now. Their tail lights look like little red eyes in the night. Our little caravan in Wonderland with the crew bus and trucks. 

If you want to know how the night looks right now, listen to “Hurtsville” from our previous studio album. I don’t know what I’ve done right or if I really deserve this life. But since I have all this amazing love around me, I’ll just sink into my bed now and dream about the next adventure. Tomorrow is another chance to explode love around the room together with you all. I honestly don’t remember feeling this good.

Good night you all, 


Blog from 19. November 2017


Attention Zurich!

I’m having ice bags on my right foot. The performance on Friday at Hallenstadion was great until I stepped into this stupid hole in the middle of the stage (??!!) and hurt myself. Usually these holes are covered or at least marked somehow, this one wasn’t. Actually I think I hurt my leg as I got back up on stage and kicked something as I was angry. Smart me. I had Röntgen’s taken yesterday at a local hospital in Zurich and everything seems ok with the bones. The ligaments took a hit and now we’re following how it heals. The foot is swollen and I might need to support it somehow on stage for some time. But going to battle means getting wounds. And I’ve had much worse ;) 

The evening at the NRJ Star Night was amazing and we all felt like coming back home on that stage. Did you know the NRJ Star Night was our very first performance ever in Switzerland ten years ago? Back then we had to perform in the afternoon (The show for children) and then the volume limit was so low that I could hear my own footsteps on stage. I didn’t dare moving too much back then because it might have interfered us “playing” Fairytale Gone Bad. I’ll never forget the kids waving these strange bananas or something. That moment I thought Sunrise Avenue will never work in Switzerland. I was quite wrong. Now times are different and we get to join the adults show in the night… It’s actually the coolest thing to play these small clubs now before Christmas and in March we hit the massive stages again. Also Hallenstadion. 

After writing my last blog, we had two amazing shows in Munich and Milan. As we were leaving Milan in the morning on Thursday, we heard that the bus the guys have been traveling with had broken down. Something with the engine, don’t ask me. It’s quite funny, but I was just starting to feel a bit lonely in my bus and now I got the guys in my bus for this one trip through the beautiful mountains. My driver Costa was happy. For this one ride he didn’t have to listen to my Heartbreak Century stories… I can’t get over how beautiful it is in this part of Europe. Especially now that there’s already snow on the mountain tops, it’s just breathtaking. 

So now we’ve had the whole weekend off in Zurich. Osmo, being busy as always, flew to Helsinki for the weekend for two of his own shows and the rest of us have just been chilling here.

Working out, sleeping A LOT, shopping like ladies and enjoying our free time in Zurich. Me walking like a damn pirate. But it feels much better already after resting a couple days. The funniest thing happened at the hospital. We talked so much about music and stuff with the doctor and the nurses that we forgot to pay at all. I invited them to the show tomorrow and then we just left. We were already sitting in the car with the tour manager as we realized it. Oops. Hope they’ll never catch us ;) If there are some doctors looking for me outside the club tomorrow, tell them it’s some Swedish band playing tonight… 

But now back to the “Attention Zurich” part.

 We will film a music video tomorrow at the Xtra club. Filming something with 1800 people in a small club is kind of risky and I know there are no guarantees it will work out, but I feel we have a plan.

The show tomorrow will be as if there’s no video shoot. You have bought a ticket to our show, not to a video shoot, and we respect that. We will film most parts before and after the show. And we should be all done latest at 11PM. We understand it’s Monday and some of you might want to leave right after the show. But the more of you stay, the happier we are ;) All you need is to be yourselves and to be ready to play with us a bit. Your part as crowd members will be easy. You’ll be enjoying music and celebrating the song with us. There will also be this very easy acting part you’d all need to do together, but the producer will brief you on stage. Should be easy enough. Well, we’ll see how it goes tomorrow. We trust you on this one ;) 

Xtra & Zurich were chosen because of the shape of the club. There’s a cool balcony going around the whole room and that should look cool. Here we also had a couple of days free before the show and I could talk to the production company and film crew and plan everything well. 
So… See you all tomorrow. Enough of this Netflix life. Tomorrow we rock the house together again. 

Big love,


Blog from 22. November 2017


Fast food & Stage food

I’m not a big fan of trash food, but I just had a Mc Donald’s burger and fries. Big and tasty meal. Sometimes it just tastes so damn good! It was a strange day today with food and I was super hungry after the show in Vienna and I had to invite my drivers for a burger on the road. All busses have two drivers now since there’s a couple of long drives ahead, especially between Budapest and Prague and then from Prague to Brussels. One driver can drive maximum 4 hours 30 minutes and then they need to take a long break. This way we can just keep going.

I had an amazing Turkish lunch with Sami earlier today at this place called Ali Ocakbasi (thumb up!) near the Opera and that was all I ate before the show. When it’s three hours to stage time, I can’t eat no more. I can’t go on stage with a full stomach or it feels strange when I sing. It’s as if my voice doesn’t come out right. I don’t understand how Osmo does it. He’s sometimes still chewing something as the lights go out in the club. And Raul sometimes eats during the show. It started a couple of years ago at a festival somewhere when he was showing this being-hungry-sing (touching his stomach) to our crew half way of the show. The crew boys didn’t quite understand what he needed but then after some more njam-njam-moves they understood and brought him fruits. It’s so cool singing the beginning of “Little bit love” seeing Raul with a damn jungle in his mouth. Looking as happy as ever. 

We had the most amazing nights again in Zurich and Vienna. In Zurich we filmed a music video for “Heartbreak Century” as we had planned. But due to this tiny technical thing, we had to record the audience audio parts again today in Vienna. It’s cool what you can do these days. If everything works out as planned, the images captured in Switzerland will be shown with sound recorded in Austria and Sweden. Gotta love 2017 and the tech stuff ;) Thank you so much for the great job everyone. It should be out in the winter. We can’t wait.

My foot is so much better. Once again massive thanx to the Arzhaus Clinic doctors and nurses in the center of Zurich. And tour manager Basty managed to pay the bill on Monday too so I can walk around in Zurich again. I was honestly feeling a bit down on Saturday in my hotel bed in Zurich as my foot was hurting and walking was painful. I though about the upcoming shows and how stupid I would feel on stage just standing there if I could not move at all. But the cold bags and compression really helped and I feel the homeopathics helped too. Was cool talking to a highly professional western medic doctor who also suggested alternative stuff. Homeopathics is not all “Sim-sala-bim” magic. I feel some of that stuff really works. To me at least. 

So now there’s another day off until we play in Budapest on Thursday. It feels a bit strange having a day off again as we just had two. But maybe we’ll figure out a nice group thing we can do together tomorrow with the crew guys. Maybe go-cart driving. That has been a tradition on our tours from the very start of our touring life and I have always been top 3. Huge pressure ;) The crew members who beat me can fly home straight away. Everyone’s fired! 

It’s been a couple of years since we played in Hungary. I guess it was a summer festival in 2014. I really love Budapest and one thing I’m definitely gonna do, is buy some bottles of their amazing dessert wine Tokaji to bring home. It just tastes better if you have brought it from a nice trip than if you’d buy it in a liquor store in Helsinki. If I could take three things to a deserted island, a bottle of 5 star Tokaji could be one. The cool thing about touring is also that we have these trucks driving our stuff around Europe. On this trip I already bought a chandelier in Amsterdam. It doesn’t sound too rock and roll, I know. But chandeliers are beautiful. Sami and Osmo are the most active shopaholics for clothes and stuff and Riku and Raul usually buy more instruments and technical things. Ok it really doesn’t sound like rock and roll… In the good old days on the Big Band tour we bought more than 400 bottles of wine in Dresden at this wine warehouse and now we’re buying furniture and stereo cables. Livin’ o
n the edge! 

Thank you all for the amazing nights again. I can’t believe how amazing you are night after night everywhere. Have a good safe night everyone and see some of you on Thursday at the Dürer Kert Club in Budapest. I heard that’s also sold out. Now Samu focuses on keeping his eyes open for another hundred kilometers and then he meets Mr. Sandman in Budapest. This fast food thing feels quite heavy in my system…
Lots of love, 


Blog from 30. November 2017


Krakow tour bubble

When I told everyone at home we’d have a day off in Krakow in Poland, they all said how beautiful the city is. And they were right. It’s strange that we haven’t been here before, but now that we’re here, I must say it’s one of the most beautiful spots in Europe. The old town and the life around there is just breathtaking. The locals seem to be one of the happiest and friendliest gangs in whole Europe and it’s just beautiful in here. It kind of reminded me of home on Tuesday night with the all the frozen car windscreens as I walked alone to the hotel in the night from "Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa" bar. Beer and shots cost one Euro and we had a blast with some local students. I left early and managed to go to gym in the morning. Don’t know how late the guys stayed. Just heard some stories the next day that made me even happier about my decision to be a good boy. Today it’s snowing here like in Disney movies. Looks so pretty. 

We played at the Kwadrat club yesterday and damn it was loud and great again. I was also able to do my first “Chris Martin move” with a "Polish/Heartbreak Century" flag last night. I follow him and Coldplay on Instagram and he seems to get a flag almost everywhere they play and then he keeps it attached to the back of his trousers for a song or two. As a Finn, I find this kind of moves a bit strange, since we’re taught the proper ways of treating our flag since we’re very very little. The flag should never touch the ground, for example, and should never be up at night. But maybe there’s different rules when it comes to bands and rock and roll. But I will never forget our first TV show in Germany in Leipzig in 2006. It was a huge show called “The Dome 39” and as we had our very first backstage meet & greet with fans ever outside Finland, the fans had arranged a HUGE Finnish flag…. And they had put it on the floor for autographs. I took a deep breath and thought, what the hell… I had flashbacks from the army a
s some Lieutenant screams at me about treating the flag right. But sergeant Haber is now in the entertainment world and not in the army ;) Just so you don’t get me wrong, I love the Finnish flags in the crowd nowadays. I love all the flags. Keep bringing them with you and never let them go down! 

It’s only two shows left. Tomorrow we play Madrid and then the final show in Barcelona on Saturday. It’s amazing how deep in a tour bubble we all are already. I had to check the calendar yesterday to see what’s still gonna happen before Christmas. I’m back home on Monday evening and on Wednesday I’m already heading to Berlin for the Voice Finals. That’ll be fun too! And I’m lucky that I have duties right after the tour so I don’t fall too deep into post-tour-depression. It kind of hits you every time. Suddenly all the action and fun is taken away and you fall into this deep hole. It’s cold and dark outside and there’s no catering or laundry service. Poos us ;) 

It’s actually really getting colder everywhere. Ok, tonight we’ll be in Madrid and I bet they don’t have snow men on the streets, but we can be sure that as soon as we’re back home, we know it’s gonna hit us. And even though I really love Berlin, It’s just so cold there in the winter. When I still smoked last year, I remember skipping a few cigarettes during the Voice finals because it was so damn cold outside. Will not have that problem this year. 98 days smoke free, and counting… 

I almost forgot that I promised some tickets for comments on my Instagram picture where Smudo is spanking my ass at the Voice (on the floor wft???!!). There were so many comments that I decided to change the rules. I will give 3 x 2 tickets. My Instagram application crashed three times when I tried to read the comments, so I just took three random great comments. There were many more that made me laugh, but this time the winners are:
Princess_jasmin.p “One more feather and he can fly back to Finland”

Swiss_fotographer “Put it in, rotate and he’s going to walk again”

Sabine.sonnenblume “Assbreak Century”

People above, send our management an email with a screen shot of your comment and they’ll fix you two tickets to a show in the spring. Thank you everyone for the comments and funny ideas. Some of you have a very dirty mind ;) 

We’re almost in Madrid and I will have to close my laptop now. See some of you tomorrow in Madrid and on Saturday in Barcelona. Two more shows to go. Let’s keep up the amazing love level until the very end.

Big Love, 


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