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Blog from 18. December 2004

First Lines

December 2004. We played a gig at On the Rocks, Helsinki, and after that we've ended up having a meeting with producer
Jukka Backlund at his desk at Music Makers Studio. Jukka has been doing all kinds of things with music; songwriting,
producing and he's also performed a lot on stage. Before this event, we've been able to make most of the record
companies interested in our music, but the final handshake is still missing.

At first sight, Jukka is a total maniac. An artist. He seems to understand a lot about music and producing, a real professional,
but as a person he's a real nut case. Could he really be excited about our music and us? Could this mean something more to
him, more than a usual project? His hobbies are Flying (with airplanes of course) and playing Jazz. Quite a mixture...

Together we sum up that we establish our own record company, since the stupid big ones can't see the potential in us.
We'll create the whole album by ourselves and then we'll sell it to some bigger player for distribution.
It'll take some 20 grand Euros and time needed is some 6 months. 6 months or more is no problem for any of us,
but the 20 grand is missing... And so it the drummer. We're supposed to be a rock band and we have no drummer...
Our friend Tiejo from Cabin Crew has promised to help us. he's damn good, maybe the best, but it's still not the same.

After a few meetings we all decide to seek for people interested in investing the amount needed. Now we'd need to find a
real idiot with twenty grand extra. A real idiot with extra cash. Straight from math's book...

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